Home Activity for Kids (Creating Thinking of You Cards)

Posted: 2/19/2021

Are your kids looking to find something to do in their spare time?

To Give A Smile has a perfect opportunity for them to get creative while making a difference in their community by making Thinking of You cards for children in the hospitals. As an organization, every stuffed animal and toy that is distributed to the kids in hospitals we ensure they get a Thinking of you card.

Instructions for Downloading/Printing the Card:

  1. Click Here to download the Thinking of You Card
  2. Thinking of You Card prints back to back. Adjust printer to “print on both sides of paper.” Please print centered at 100% “Borderless Letter Size” if your printer has that capability.

- OR

  1. Email us at with the Subject “Thinking of You Cards” and we’ll mail you a stack of cards already professionally printed for your child to color and put a special message on.

Couple things to include/ reminders:

  • Keep message encouraging but yet simple
  • Gender neutral

Once cards are completed, please mail them to P.O. Box 810853, Dallas, TX 75381 or email us at for other options.

Thanks for your support!