To Give A Smile Celebrates 10,000 Individuals Impacted

Posted: 10/8/2016

Antonio was our 10,000th individual who has been impacted by To Give A Smile since the launch of the organization.

On Wednesday, October 5th Antonio arrived at our medical clinic in Trujillo, Peru and was treated by our doctors for an infection. His vision was also tested. It was determined he needed glasses and he was given his first pair as seen in the picture.

Over the years every number that has been impacted represents a life, a life that has been touched in some type of capacity by the efforts of our volunteers. Some children have received a toy or stuffed animal letting them know that someone cares and wishes them healing as they recover. Others on the other hand have been treated through our clinics and received the medicine to get back on their feet.

Every action we take is meant to uplift, educate and spread hope to those in need.

To all of our volunteers, partners and agencies around the world we thank you for helping us to make a difference!